Joining details

Hello, prospective member

Our club is not elite but it is very special. We prefer the muddy track any day over the tarmac! Looking for our next run? Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Join Delamere Spartans

Come along to 2-3 runs before you decide (see the bottom of the page for details).

Before you run please register on

Any questions or if you want to join please contact (07720838013)


How much does it cost?

£26 for the year. Less if you are joining part way through the year.

You can optionally affiliate with UK Athletics for £15/year (full year only).


What do I get for joining?

  • Busy social club app (your contributions are strictly for the eyes of fellow club members only)
  • Details of all Tuesday and Sunday runs
  • Unique online club championships (runs every day for entire year!)
  • Join us at regional XC events (open to all)
  • Head out on hundreds of impromptu runs each year
  • Weekends away in places like Snowdonia and the Lake District
  • Long days out in far flung places
  • Race as a Spartan and experience what it is to be one of us
  • At least two very lively parties each year (usually more)
  • Make life long friendships and meet inspirational people
  • Sociable pub visits after each Tuesday session

Any pre-requisites?

  • Read the mandatory kit list for each session!
  • Run entirely at your own risk
  • Enjoy

How about club kit?

Shirts/vests are £20 each and available to paid up members.

Am I fit enough?

Only you can say. Please read information on the website. Start with a Sunday session if at all concerned.

How / when / where?

Details of the next run will automagically appear below (sometimes we leave it a bit late). NB, Sundays can be superseded by XC or races. Once you're a paid up Spartan, we ask that you login to our app and say that you'll be there (it keeps leaders happy). 


Next Tuesday run - Spartan Tuesday Run #424 "This


Spartan Tuesday Run #424 "This is Sparta"

Start: 7pm Tuesday 30th July 2019

Location: Delamere Station

Leaders: JK - 3 miles round the lake. Becky - 6 miles, steady pace. With the usual lumps and bumps and possibly even mud now. Paul C - possible third option.

Afterward: 8pm Vale Royal Abbey Arms for a pint and tales from Lakeland.

Next Sunday run - Sunday Spartan Run #191 (8am)


Sunday Spartan Run #191

Time: 8am Sunday 30th June 2019

Location: Barnes Bridge Gate Car Park, Ashton Road

Leader: Carla

Details: An hour of social trail running.